In the Name of the Creator of Beauty

Iran is the land of ancient culture and the dawn of human civilization. It is not, therefore, easy to deny Iran’s contribution to world culture and heritage and it is our duty to pave the grounds for the effective presentation of such a great heritage to the world so that tourists around the globe choose this four-season country with a variety of climates and unique biomes as a place to soothe their restless hearts.

Life encourages human beings for increased mobility, greater success and lasting happiness. Excitement inspires man, faith guides him, worshiping the Creator saves him, and wellness provides him with the opportunities to benefit from all capabilities he believes in.

The key to success is hard work and a determined mind and as far as I remember Iranians who are the symbol of passion and wisdom have always lived such a prosperous life. No doubts such a thing is excitingly effective. So, as our ancestors have built and left for us, we can also make the foundation for our nation’s future posterity. Let’s make Iran great again and let’s move Iran to the end of history and civilization.

Ali Asghar Amiri
Founder and CEO